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Your recent transaction with The Danberry Company was greatly appreciated. Danberry’s commitment to serve you did not end on the date of closing. In Danberry’s continuing effort to serve you better, Marketplan, a marketing consulting firm, has been retained to conduct a short survey. Your answers will help Danberry and its agents better serve you and others in the future. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Thanks for your help.

Marc Grisier, President
Marketplan, Inc.

Please fill in the following:

(Please check your phone and Email for accuracy and make any updates needed.)

1.Have you had a previous transaction with the following:
    Sales Associate
2.Prior to your recent transaction, did you:
3.How many real estate companies did you contact for your last transaction?
4.What influenced you to work with Danberry?

(check all that apply)

5.Was one factor the cause of your first contact with your Danberry agent?
6.How would you describe the service you received from:
7.Would you recommend:
8.Did your agent do something “above and beyond” your expectations?
9.Did your agent disappoint you in any way?
10.What influenced you most in choosing the property?
11.Do your future real estate plans include the purchase or sale of any of the following:

(check all that apply)

12.If you answered “yes” to question 11, what is your approximate time frame?
13.Danberry can help you or a friend find real estate anywhere in the world. If you or someone you know has a specific need, please fill out the referral information below and you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a .
14.Did you take advantage of Danberry’s offer to you of “One-Stop Shopping” by using the following:

(check all that apply)

15.If you didn’t take advantage of Danberry’s “One-Stop Shopping” what were the reasons:

(check all that apply)

16.Was a home warranty program presented to you?
17.If “no” to question 16, would you like information sent to you regarding a home warranty protecting you against most costs for repairs on your home,  appliances and mechanical systems?
18.Would you like a competitive, no-obligation quote on your home or auto insurance?
19.Would you, a family member, or friend be interested in information on a career in real estate?
20.Are you:
21.What age category are you in:

If you would like to talk further to a Danberry representative, please call 1-866-444-4955.

Thanks again for your help.